Closing the Loop

TAFMER™, a PP and PE modifier enhances the performance and improves plastics and composite resins while simultaneously reducing the number of plastics being used contributing to the sustainability of a better future for all.

Use as Modifier or Base Material

TAFMER™ can be easily blended with PE, PP, and other thermoplastics to improve or enhance their characteristics.

TAFMER™️ is used as a Modifier or Base Material in flexible products. Additionally, this polyolefin elastomer offers chemists and engineers more freedom to blend polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM, and polyamide compounds with unique properties.

TAFMER™️ is your new solution to sustainability.

Mitsui Chemicals takes pride in TAFMER™ and the properties it encapsulates which aids in reducing plastic waste and emphasizes the importance of re-use materials during the recycling process.

Characteristics of TAFMER™

Superior Impact Resistance

Incorporating TAFMER™ into a plastic material improves the impact resistance of the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and tensile elongation.

Excellent Flexibility

When TAFMER™ is incorporated into the desired plastic material, it improves flexibility. Thus, when it is put under pressure, the tensile elongation at break is improved and does not turn white when bent, especially when comparing the product to a conventional ethylene-based elastomer. Making it more reliable and powerful.

High Elasticity

In addition to its impressive flexibility, TAFMER™ has the necessary degree of elasticity to return to its original shape after being stretched to its maximum extent.

Extreme Durability

Addition of TAFMER™️ to a plastic material improves the impact resistance, comparable to the impact resistance of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

High Clarity

TAFMER™ has an elevated level of clarity and transparency compared to conventional elastomers.


TAFMER™ is significantly more lightweight than traditional materials. Offering more efficiency and sustainability towards the environment when being used.